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The Perfect Ideas for Great Gatsby Costumes

Shopping for Great Gatsby Costumes? Since it was first published in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby has inspired many people from all over the world. It remains an iconic representation of what culture and lifestyles were like in the Jazz Age of the 1920s.

The story remains an intriguing consider what the American Dream means to people. It has remained in print to this day and was even made into memorable films in both 1974 and 2013.

It is no surprise that there have been made appealing Great Gatsby costume ideas to come about over the years. People today can opt from one of various choices when finding Great Gatsby costumes for sale or even if they are aiming to prepare their own DIY Great Gatsby costumes.

But what should you get out of one of these costumes? There are many ideas to think about when getting a beautiful, unique and outright fun Great Gatsby costume for any costume party with options for men, women and kids to wear.

Great Gatsby Costumes for Women

One thing about women’s fashion in the 1920s came from how women felt more liberated in terms of what they could wear. The days of women being forced to wear stuffy or overly elaborate outfits were gone as women were free to be who they are. After all, women had just been given the right to vote.

The Great Gatsby costumes for women that you can find today include many choices that relate to the feelings of freedom and fun that women felt back then. There are many appealing Gatsby girl costume options to find but it’s certain that the flapper look is the best option.

What Makes a Great Flapper Dress?

Flapper dress costumes are among the best choices to find. The best part is that these outfits don’t have to be too complicated.

A flapper dress typically entails the following points:

  • Such a dress entails a beautiful one-piece look that goes down to right above the knees. It establishes a good amount of coverage without being restrictive.
  • For shoulder straps, they should be wide enough to accentuate the broad shoulder muscles that one has. You could always go for a one-strap outfit too.
  • The tassel effect on the outfit is the most prominent part of all women’s 1920’s dresses. The tassels are made to look like the fabric on the main body of the dress is hanging downward. You can use several rows of tassel effects on your outfit to create a beautiful style.
  • It can come in many colors although it works best when some more intense metal-like tones are used. Silver and gold tones can work wonders for such an outfit. A solid black color can be added too.

Great Gatsby Costumes for Men

There are several good options for Great Gatsby men’s clothing style options. Best of all, you don’t have to look like Robert Redford or Leonardo DiCaprio to pull off the perfect Jay Gatsby look. You don’t have to be as rich as them either.

You can find many Great Gatsby sits for sale that don’t cost all that much. Such suits are designed as appealing 1920s men’s costume styles with a few accents added:

  • A matching suit jacket and khaki pants are always in style. These can be in white, gray or black.
  • A shirt vest may also be applied over a plain white shirt. Such a vest can be used for a more casual style. Watch for how ragged it can get though as anything that looks too worn could be mistaken for a gangster outfit. While gangsters and bootleggers were prominent back then, Jay Gatsby wasn’t necessarily like that (although he did enjoy smuggled liquor like everyone else).
  • If you’re aiming to add a bit of color, a light red stripe tone may fit in. Vertical red stripes go surprisingly well with white.
  • Roaring 20s mens fashion often entailed long-sleeved shirts. These include shirts that are buttons all the way in the middle to create a formal and fashionable look.

It should not be hard to find Great Gatsby Costumes for Men here. Feel free to look around your wardrobe closet to see what you have that could fit in perfectly with your costume plans.

Great Gatsby Costumes for Kids

Kids can get in on the fun of a Great Gatsby-themed party too. There are plenty of choices for Great Gatsby costumes for kids but you should look around to see what you can find.

There are plenty of nice options for kids to wear:

  • Many Great Gatsby kid’s costumes include gangster-themed outfits. A boys’ outfit may feature a zoot suit style with a black and white series of stripes. It can even be paired with an appealing hat that matches up with the suit.
  • For girls, some 1920’s costumes for kids will include traditional flapper outfits. These often include black tones although brighter colors like red and pink are great for girls to wear for such an occasion.

The kids Great Gatsby costumes you can find today include many nice choices but you should look around to see what options are available for your kids. Make sure they’re ones that look great on your kids and that they will enjoy wearing just as well.

Great Gatsby Costume Accessories

You can find many Great Gatsby accessories for sale for any kind of outfit whether it’s for a man or woman. Many 1920s costume accessories are designed to add a bit of flair to an outfit.

There are many accessories for a costume for men to utilize:

  • Suspenders can go well with pants if a typical long-sleeve buttoned shirt is to be worn. The suspenders should be of a color opposite of what the shirt is like.
  • A tie always fits in well for an outfit. Again, it must be opposite of the shirt. This is to make it stand out and be more visible.
  • A hat is perfect although it should not be too large. A classic derby hat should be easy to find. You can find a dark-colored hat and mix in a white stripe around the rim to create a more detailed appearance. A red floral accent may be added on one side of the hat too.

Many accents can be added to flapper dresses too. These flapper costume accessories make any Gatsby girl costume clothing option look outstanding:

  • Vintage 1920s hair accessories are made to create a more detailed look on the forehead and to add a bit of sparkle in many cases. 1920s headbands are made with fake diamonds in many instances. A small crown-like band may be added. Sometimes a feather or other floral accent may be added.
  • A boa accent can also be used around the shoulders. This can be made with plenty of fake feathers or other puffy items. It works best when the color matches up with the rest of your outfit.
  • Some beautiful heels can be added to your dress. Costume heels work best if they are in a color that matches with the dress.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your hair. There are plenty of short-hair wigs that come with a dark black color. You could use decorative hair dye if your hair is short enough as it is although you might want to see that it’s a safe dye that is easy to wash out.
  • Great flapper jewelry fits in perfectly with many outfits. A small metallic necklace can always look beautiful. Pearls also look great but white pearls are usually better because they are more visible and striking. They also have a more natural look than what other colors might feature.

Flapper Great Gatsby Costume Accessories should match up well with your outfit. This should create a stunning appearance if chosen right.

Final Tips

There are a few final words to discuss when getting Great Gatsby costumes ready:

  • Look for options with colors that stand out. Black and white are always good tones but they should be a little more vibrant and striking. A black tone works especially well when it’s more intense and bold in its appearance.
  • When using jewelry or other accents, watch for how they mix in well with the other things you’re wearing. Don’t have anything that might clash with the rest of your outfit.
  • Make sure whatever you want to wear is comfortable. Don’t bother with things that are too heavy or tough to wear as sometimes they might not be enjoyable. They might be hard to move around in if they are far too heavy.
  • Get plenty of visual references on hand to give yourself a clear idea of how well your costume might look. The films based on the novel are especially noteworthy although the visions that Jack Clayton and Baz Luhrmann had are very different from one another. A good variety of visual styles to compare from always works.

Good luck with getting your Great Gatsby costume plans ready. You will certainly look stunning when you get a beautiful and attractive costume ready. Best of all, everyone in the family can take part in a great party with this theme.

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